YooOffer.com is an online service that facilitates a single product page for ‘sellers’ to showcase their merchandise and offer these things for sale within 60 seconds.
Buyers can use the search engine on YooOffer.com to browse through products in real-time to see what is up for sale.
If a buyer sees something they want, they are able to buy it instantly using PayPal.

Before your product can be placed on YooOffer.com
We need you to verify your placement.

 After verification of your listing, you will receive an email content your Dashboard-Links 

YooOffer.com is united with many social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.) which allow sellers to promote their items for sale to a potentially larger audience by status updates, product page sharing, and shortened URL’s for possible buyers to view the item page. 
There is also a ‘buy now’ button which can be placed on a blog or website and a space for buyers to leave comments on the product page.

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 -Connect with your Favorite Social Media ( FaceBook, Twitter)

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